We have now fully transitioned over to AllPaws.com.  Visit AllPaws to Adopt a Pet.


Please visit AllPaws.com for all relevant and updated corporate information. This site is no longer being actively updated.




DCL Ventures is excited to announce the  launch of AllPaws.com.  AllPaws presents a fresh and modern approach to pet adoption that combines the latest in technology, functionality and search.  Founded by proven entrepreneur Darrell Lerner, AllPaws takes online pet listings in a new & exciting direction by offering an online dating style interface complete with advanced search tools and direct messaging along with a host of other robust features and user friendly tools.  As a result, people will be able to find pets with ease while choosing from a growing list of over 100,000 available animals. 

As featured in Mashable on August 13, 2013 "AllPaws Pairs Shelter Animals With New Owners"

As featured in Mashable on August 13, 2013
"AllPaws Pairs Shelter Animals With New Owners"


We are super excited to finally share details about AllPaws.com! Please check out our press release below as well as this amazing coverage from Mashable!



"Never burn bridges."  It's one of those familiar pieces of advice from Mom that still rings in my ear.  "Yup, sure Mom...sounds good," I'd tell her as I politely brushed her off.  I'm tempted not to say this given that I know she reads my blog, but it turns out that Mom is absolutely right (in this case, anyway!).  And it never felt more true than it did in one particular case recently when I watched someone badly a bridge and thought about all the ways it could potentially come back to haunt him.